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29 Nov 2018

Seasonal Coppermine- Wilderness Trip Instructor Course

YMCA Camp Pine Crest Torrance, Ontario, Canada

Job Description

Pine Crest is looking for two knowledgeable and experienced staff to deliver the following curriculum to a group of 8 students aged 17-19! Contract dates are from mid-June until the end of August. Those interested must provide a resume, cover letter and comprehensive trip log. Below is information about the expedition it self and the curriculum you will be expected to deliver.

The Expedition

This year’s expedition will be on the legendary Coppermine River.  The route will begin on Redrock Lake in the Northwest Territories.  From there it will flow over 400km north to the settlement of Kugluktuk on the Arctic Ocean in Nunavut. This incredible river offers both drop-and-pool style rapids at the beginning which offer great opportunities for scouting, analysis and practice followed by kilometers of continuous rapids towards the northern end of the river. The Coppermine is renowned for its challenge, scenery and remoteness.  Paddling this river is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Wilderness Trip Instructor Course Curriculum

The Wilderness Trip Instructor Course teaches wilderness and leadership skills while on expedition and in the classroom over six weeks of intensive learning. Students will apply their learnings and skills to real life scenarios and challenges in a supportive learning environment with high expectations. They will have the opportunity to work with others in a group setting and in a leadership role while being faced with real risks and challenges in a remote wilderness setting. After this course, participants will be well equipped with experience, knowledge and skills to pursue work or play as a leader or guide on wilderness expeditions.

This course will cover many facets of outdoor education, expedition skills, risk management and group development. Students will be expected to:

  • Assume different leadership roles
  • Live and travel in the outdoors
  • Demonstrate confidence and competence in a variety of wilderness scenarios
  • Respect and collaborate with others on teams and in communities
  • Think introspectively about their strengths and areas for growth
  • Manage stress in challenging situations
  • Make informed and thoughtful decisions with considerations for self and others
  • Communicate effectively
  • Connect with natural places
  • Seek out support from others and advocate for their needs

Students will have the opportunity to engage in these learnings both on and off the river and practice their skills on a daily basis. They will be put in the role of leader/guide of the day several times throughout the course as an opportunity to gain real life experience of managing a group while receiving specific and timely feedback for future growth.

Who is this course intended for?!

Individuals between the ages of 17 and 19 who are passionate about their growth in the realm of wilderness camping and group development. Students should be prepared to immerse themselves in a learning environment where they will be challenged daily with regards to skills, leadership and teamwork. The course is designed to give students the skills, knowledge and experience they need to lead their own trips in the future, whether personally or professionally.  Students will learn to facilitate transformational experiences for others, using wilderness settings as a tool for success. For the success/safety of the participants involved, we require all applicants to have prior paddling experience. Any of the following experiences are acceptable:


  • Participant on white water canoe trip(s)
  • Assistant guide on white water trip(s)
  • Significant amount of time paddling white water (ex. play-boating)
  • Significant personal/family white water trip(s)
  • Any other relative experience

Course Break Down

The course will involve 4 main components:

  • Pre-course work – involving research on trip planning and logistics completed at home prior to the course start date
  • Pre-expedition learning – completed at Pine Crest and on local rivers to effectively plan the trip, prepare the group, and refine whitewater skills
  • The expedition – 20 days on the Coppermine River, putting skills into practice and of course enjoying one of Canada’s most renowned rivers
  • Post expedition learning – Completed at Pine Crest and on local rivers to consolidate learning and look toward the future


How to Apply

Please send your resume, cover letter and comprehensive trip log to . If you would like any further information about the program please feel free to send any questions to the same e-mail.

Job Categories: Instructors and Trainers. Job Types: Seasonal.


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