How much does it cost to post a job ad?
It costs just 30 bucks (Canadian) per job ad. That’s a small price for what we believe is a pro-grade resource. We like to think of it as costing the equivalent of four boxes of really good trail granola. (P.S. Unfortunately, at this time we’re not accepting granola as payment for posting a job!)
Do you offer value packs for bulk purchasing of job ads?
Yes! We offer discounted packages for pre-paid job posting credits (5 job ads and 10 job ads). Packages are valid for 365 days. These are terrific options for employers who hire for several positions during a year. You can purchase these packages during the checkout process when you add a job posting.
How do I pay for a job posting?
You proceed directly through our online payment gateway with Paypal via WorkCabin, the company which owns Jobtrekker. All major credit cards are accepted. You do not need an account with PayPal to complete your transaction. You pay no extra fees. (Contact us at trailhead {at} jobtrekker {DOTca} with any questions.).
Why does the PayPal invoice say WorkCabin?
Jobtrekker is a branded site owned and operated by WorkCabin.ca, Canada’s leading environmental career site. All administration falls under WorkCabin.
We need to revise the expiration date of our ad. Can we do that?
We would be happy to assist you with that. It requires a change in our secure backend admin system. Send us an email to trailhead@jobtrekker.ca, tell us the date change on the ad expiration, and we can make the adjustment for you.
Why did Jobtrekker stop being a free posting site?
Jobtrekker operated as a free service from 2008 to early 2012. Over those years, we’ve accumulated a backpack full of feature requests from employers and users. We’ve been listening. It was time to invest to build an even better Jobtrekker and significantly beef up our servers to handle the ever-growing traffic. Keeping our service sustainable, affordable and progressive for employers has always been paramount. Your continued support of Jobtrekker is genuinely appreciated.
Why should I post at Jobtrekker instead of sites that allow me to post jobs for free?
Jobtrekker is 100% built for the outdoor industry. In fact, it’s the only site of its kind in Canada. If you want to post jobs at job boards that are free, we can’t stop you. But have you taken a closer look at inferior job boards that operate on a free or pay-what-you-can basis? Freebie sites are low-tech and make no investment to be progressive. What’s worse, because they are free, there is no quality control over the types of jobs advertised. You see some pretty odd postings that are definitely not complementary. You won’t see a Live-in Nanny job ad next to a Wilderness Guide job ad at Jobtrekker.ca. We know our niche. And our audience is glad we’re focused too!
How long will my job ad be online?
Maximum 60 days. When you create your job ad on Jobtrekker, you can set the exact number of days for your posting to stay live.
What kind of response should I expect from my job ad?
We’re a niche job site. Because of that we put an emphasis on quality not quantity. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over many years in the job site business it’s this: our clients today don’t want a Mount Everest-sized pile of resumes from unqualified applicants. You can help attract candidates by having a quality job ad. Talk about the perks of working for your company. Remember, today most job seekers want a terrific workplace environment and are carefully scrutinizing employers.
We’re a small organization. Can we post our job for free?
No, sorry, we do not offer our service for free. Just like you, we have operating costs too. Our posting rate is intentionally affordable so every employer, big or small, can afford to use our professional job site. We have invested to build a service that offers superior value and maintains high-end servers (that’s code for ‘big pipes’ in internet lingo!) to best serve clients and job seekers. Low-tech sites make little or no investment and operate on a free or pay-what-you-can basis. At Jobtrekker.ca, we don’t cheap-out on delivering service. Our clients are progressive. So are we.
We need to make a change to our job ad. How do we do it?
It’s easy peasy. Log in to your account. Find the job title you wish to update and click Edit to the right of that listing.
How long does it take for a job ad to go live?
Faster than you can say ‘zip line’!  Proceed through our payment gateway after you create your job ad and your posting will go live immediately
Can I get an invoice?
When you make a payment we automatically send an email that doubles as your receipt. If you did not receive this, and can’t find it in your spam or trash folder, contact us at trailhead {at} jobtrekker {DOTca} and we can manually create an invoice for you.
Do you sell display ad space on your home page?
Yes. We have 125×125 or 250×250 ad spaces available. Please see our Rates page on our home page menu.



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